Mac & Me Newport Beach

Mac and Me is an Apple Authorised Reseller, specialising in sales of new Apple products including the iMac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch range. This also includes built to order options and accessories. We can ship computers and devices anywhere in Australia for no delivery fee.

Since 1999, we have gathered a wonderful loyal client base which we are truly grateful for. Our trusted advice, interest in our clients and local community is at the heart of Mac & Me.

In January, 2020 we changed the way we do business. We are now be a local, sales consulting business, personalising our sales solutions without the shopfront. Once again, we are adapting to the world around us and common retail behaviours that we are all a part of these days. We look forward to this new way to provide Apple product.

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If you need warranty service or repairs, please call MacMedic at Newport on 02 8962 5763

Mac & Me Newport Beach
Mac & Me Newport Beach

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